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Direct Deposit for Owners

Direct Deposit Form

Direct deposit is one of the services we offer our owners, and most of our clients love it because it ensures they get paid securely, consistently, and on time. If you’ve never received rent electronically before, there are a few major benefits you need to understand:

What Direct Deposit Can Do for You

Save you money.

At Noble Real Estate Services, we have done the research. The direct and indirect costs of depositing a paper check can be $5.88. That means if you receive rent once a month, you’re wasting $70 a year just by depositing your own money. Direct deposit, doesn’t cost you anything, we absorb the cost!

Pay you faster.

Once we deposit your funds into your account, you’ll have that money available to you on the next business day. There are no holds and no waiting periods.

Keep your funds secure.

Mail gets lost and paper checks get misplaced. With direct deposit, you have a confidential, documented, and traceable record of the rents you received. There are only a handful of people involved in the process of electronically depositing your funds, which reduces the chance of errors. The federal government also insures your deposits up to $100,000.

Provide convenience.

You don’t have to go to the bank or take time out of your schedule to deposit your rent checks. Instead, the payment lands in your bank when you expect it. If you’re busy or out of town, you’ll still have immediate access to your money.

Ensure reliability and simplicity.

You know when your money is coming and you can budget accordingly. It’s also easy to get this process started and keep it maintained.

Sign Up Process

Sign up for Direct Deposit. Fill out this form, sign it, and attach a voided check. Submit it to us, and we’ll process this request right away.

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