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Pay Rent

At Noble Real Estate Services a San Diego and Chula Vista property management company, we understand life is busy and hectic.  We try to make your bill paying to us, as easy as possible. Remember all rent payments are due on the 1st of the month and late fees are assesed on the 4th of the month at 12:01am, With us you can choose:

3 Easy, Fast Ways to Pay Online:

  1. Pay Online using your routing & account number found at the bottom of your check ~ eCheck* ~ No need to void a check. Saves envelopes, stamps, paper and no wasted time to mail or drop off. *Convenience fees apply.
  2. Pay with Visa*, Master Card* or Discover online*. *Convenience fees apply.
  3. Set up an Auto Draft * from the account of your choosing online. Follow the instructions below to create an online account. Once logged in use the drop down from your name in the top right corner of your dashboard. Select “Saved Payment Information”. Once you have saved your payment information on file, an option to “Enable Automatic payments” will become available. Set up the amount and date specifically that you wish this to run at 12:01am on the day you select.

Go to:

  1. Click Tenant Portal.
  2. Once on the Tenant Web Access screen, click “Sign Up”.
  3. Enter your email address on file with the office. *If unsure, please contact the office now to update*,
  4. Enter your account number
  5. Click Sign Up again & go to your email inbox. An email will be waiting to finalize your registration process.

We also have a 4th way:

If you shy away from bank institutions. It’s called CashPay, simply click here to find the locations *Convenience fees apply

Walk in with cash and leave with a paid receipt, it’s just that easy.

And the 5th way:

The old fashioned way, just walk in with personal check* or cashier’s check*. Personal checks are accepted thru the 3rd of the month. *Convenience fees apply

If you need to make separate arrangements, please send us an email at

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