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Pre-30 day Notice to Vacate

Please use this form to give your 30-day notice. Call our office to confirm we received you notice!

If you have roommates please let us know if they will be moving out as well in the comments section.

    Before filling out your 30 Day Notice to Vacate from, you must check the boxes below, agreeing that you understand the following terms. Please fill out all required (*) fields.

    * indicates required field.

    * I am aware that I must fill out the form 30-Day Notice to Vacate online at nobleproperties.info

    * I am aware that rent and utilities through the 30th day of my 30-Day Notice, are my responsibility even if I were to move out early.

    * I am aware that if I vacate before my lease expires that the payment of rent is my responsibility until the property either re-rents or my lease expires, whichever happens first.

    * I am aware that I will be responsible for payment of rent until all keys are returned to the office. If I do not return keys, I will be charged the changing of the locks and rent payment until the day locks are changed.

    * I am aware that I will be charged for any and all damages and repairs (outside of normal wear and tear), unless otherwise noted on the Move-In/Move-Out Statement of Condition.

    * I am aware that Noble Real Estate Services has 21 days from my move out date to send the deposit and/or accounting thereof. I am aware that it is my responsibility to provide Noble Real Estate Services with a forwarding address.

    * I am aware that CA Tenant Law permits Property Managers to take up to 21 days from the date my keys are returned to process my deposit and/or send an accounting thereof, and that the information in regards to my deposit will not be known or determined at the pre-move out inspection.

    * I am aware I have the right to request a Pre Move-Out inspection of my unit and to be present during that inspection, which shall occur no earlier than 2 weeks before the termination of the tenancy and during normal business hours. A separate Notice of Tenant's Option to Request Pre Move-Out Physical Inspection will be provided with Tenants Notice. This is NOT a Move-Out inspection nor in place of one.

    * I am aware that upon receiving a thirty - (30) day notice to leave the property or tenant Giving thirty (30) day notice to vacate. Tenants agree to show the property to prospective Tenants and in no way hinder the re-renting of subject property.

    Alternatively, you can download the Pre-30 Day Notice to Vacate, and return it to us.

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