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Maintenance Troubleshooting

At Noble Real Estate, we want to respond to maintenance and repair needs as quickly as possible. Following these steps and guidelines will ensure the problem is taken care of correctly and completely, and will save all of us time and headaches.


When the Garbage Disposal Stops Working:

  1. Most of the time, you’ll be able to reset the garbage disposal to get it working again. Please watch this video and follow the steps:
  2. If these steps do not work, please submit a maintenance request.
  3. Do not use liquid drain cleaner in the kitchen sink, especially in a garbage disposal.

Some tips for avoiding garbage disposal issues:


When You Have a Slow or Clogged Drain:

  1. Do not use Drano or any liquid cleaning chemicals.
  2. Do not detach any plumbing or use snakes, metal hangers, or other metal items in the drain. In the tub, you can use a plastic drain stick or a plunger.
  3. Pull out any hair or debris from sink drains to unclog.
  4. Submit a maintenance request if these things do not clear your drain.


When You Have Toilet Issues:

  1. Do not detach plumbing or use any metal hangers or wires in the tank or toilet.
  2. Try using a plunger in the toilet to clear any clogs.
  3. If you are unsuccessful, submit a maintenance request.


Air Conditioning and Heat Maintenance: 

  1. Check your air filter, and replace it if it’s dirty. Filters should be changed regularly and installed correctly. It’s the tenant’s responsibility to change the air filter every two or three months.
  2. If there’s still a problem with heat or air, submit a maintenance request.


When an Outlet Isn’t Working:

  1. Test the light switches to see if one of them turns on the outlet’s power.
  2. Press the reset button on your GFCI outlet plate. Look for the GFCI buttons all over the house, and reset them all.
  3. If hitting the reset buttons does not work, submit a maintenance request.


When the Power Goes Out:

  1. Check with San Diego Gas & Electric to see if a power outage has been reported in the area. You can reach them at 1-800-411-7343.
  2. Check the breakers.
  3. If the power outage is not reported and the breakers look okay, submit a maintenance request.


When the Garage Door Remote Does Not Work

  1. Check the remote batteries. The remote will not work if the batteries need to be changed. You can watch this video for help with changing the battery:
  2. If the problem is not resolved after the battery is changed, submit a maintenance request.


Maintaining Smoke Alarms and CO2 Detectors:

  1. When a smoke alarm or a CO2 detector goes off, leave the property immediately and call 911.
  2. When you hear a beeping from your detector, it’s likely that a battery needs to be changed. Please change the battery. This is the responsibility of the tenant.


Timing Sprinklers and Thermostats:

  1. Instructions for programming your sprinklers can be found in the owner’s manual. You can also use Google to find instructions on setting a timer.
  2. If you are having trouble setting the thermostat or programming the sprinkler, submit a maintenance request.


Pest Control:

  1. If you notice insects or rodents, use prevention products that you can find at any home improvement or department store.
  2. For some tips on preventing and eliminating pests:
  3. If you cannot resolve the pest issue yourself, submit a maintenance request.


Cleaning the Dryer Duct:

  1. Maintaining a dryer duct free of lint and hazards is the tenant’s responsibility.
  2. Remove the lint trap and clean out all the dust, lint, and any other debris. Replace the trap in the dryer.
  3. If the dryer duct is clogged beyond the lint trap, submit a maintenance request. DO NOT go onto the roof to try and clean the duct yourself.


These maintenance tips and easy, step-by-step instructions will help you troubleshoot any simple repair issues and take care of things quickly and efficiently. Always submit a maintenance request if you cannot resolve the problem yourself, and if there is an emergency that threatens you or anyone else in the property, call 911 first.



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