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Tenant Screening and Qualification – Tips for Property Management in Chula Vista

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Qualifying your tenants, screening those tenants, and being very thorough with selecting the next prospective tenant are essential parts of being a property manager in Chula Vista. You basically have to live with these tenants at least for the duration of your lease, so set yourself up powerfully to get a well-qualified tenant in place. There really is a process to it, and you have to be thorough.

Rental History and References

Sometimes you’ll get tenants who tell you they have bad credit but a great rental history. If a tenant has bad credit, our experience is that the credit report says otherwise about great rental histories. The only thing that will protect you as a landlord against the cost of a painful eviction is a large security deposit and verifying all the documentation. A rental reference doesn’t really make a great deal of sense. Landlords who are saddled with a bad tenant will tell someone who calls whatever is necessary in order to pass on the problem. These references can be dishonest and inaccurate.

Fully Screen the Application

The safest way to vet your tenants is with a good rental application that is fully executed. Take a couple of months of bank statements, and ask for pay stubs. Verify employment and look at the credit score. Make sure the tenants have good credit if you want a safe bet when you place your tenant.

Avoid Fair Housing Disputes

The thing about our business is that it is easy to be discriminatory. So be careful and evaluate everyone equally. Base your decision solely on the individual’s ability to pay the debt. Your only criteria should be credit worthiness and income. Nothing else is really relevant and could be considereddiscriminatory. Treat everyone fairly and base your decisions on the same criteria.

Do your homework when you’re evaluating our next prospective tenant. If you have questions about tenant screening or need help, please contact us at Noble Real Estate Services, serving Chula Vista, San Diego, and the surrounding area.

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