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Pets in Your Chula Vista Rental Property – Rental Pet Policy Advice

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When property owners hire us to manage their rental home, it’s quite often that we hear they don’t want any pets. Usually, they have had a bad experience with pets previously. You need to consider that two-thirds of prospective tenants have pets. So, if you do go the route of having no pets in your property, you’re essentially eliminating two-thirds of the prospective candidates who will rent your property. You can protect yourself.

Rental Pet Policy: Breed Restrictions

First, we have a restricted breed list. We’ll take a tenant’s dogs and cats as long as they aren’t on the restricted breed list. Our insurance company doesn’t allow it, and from a liability standpoint, you want to allow safe pets only.

Property Management Chula Vista: Security Deposits

California allows you to take up to two times the amount of rent in a security deposit. So, take a lot of security deposit money from tenants with pets. This way, you are protected if you have pet damage. You’ll have enough money to put the house back together if the pets are out of control.

Pet Agreement for Rental Property

Have a specific pet addendum in your rental contract. It should indicate that the tenants are responsible for any damage caused by pets. This should include but not be limited to eradicating the smell of pet waste like urine. Pets can stink up a house and really make it difficult for someone new to move in.

Take a lot of security deposit money, have a specific pet addendum, and don’t rent to dangerous dog breeds. You don’t want to have a pit bull breeder move into your house and deal with the lawsuit that can come from a dog bite.

If you have any questions for a great Chula Vista property management company, contact us at Noble Real Estate Services.

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